Environmental Protection

At Reflex GmbH & Co. KG environmental protection is an essential part of our corporate responsibility and firmly anchored in all business processes.

We make products which can be recycled and mainly consist of renewable raw materials. In doing so we support the independent certification of sustainable forest management and aspire to continuously increase the proportion of certified wood in our products. We also continuously work on developing our products, processes and working methods further in order to optimise our environmental performance and energy efficiency. Our goal is the greatest possible reduction of adverse environmental effects resulting from our business operation.

We treat our raw materials and products with responsibility and protect resources by efficiently handling raw materials and energy. Work safety in the area of chemicals is particularly important to us. We communicate our environmental performance in an open and honest manner to our customers and stakeholders. We publish environmental information about our products and production processes and participate actively in the dialogue about or activities in the field of environmental protection.

This environmental policy is implemented in to the company. Its implementation is supported by environmental programmes and resulting, defined environmental targets. Our environmental policy is regularly audited and updated.

Energy efficiency

As a paper manufacturer the Reflex GmbH & Co. KG is part of the energy-intensive industries.

An efficient energy handling as well as the procurement of energy services, products, facilities and energy at competitive conditions build the base for our economic success.

Reducing our energy consumption long-term, increasing our energy efficiency and our energy related services in a continuous improvement process is therefore another essential component of our corporate responsibility and thus implemented in all business processes.

In order to meet those targets we work with an energy management system according to DIN EN ISO 50001. One of our main targets is the continuous optimization of energy efficiency, energy consumption, the energy management system and process technology using the best available technology.